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    About SILK2

    SILK2 is a professional salon products brand owned by the Searles Corporation of Atlanta, GA. The founder, John A. Searles, II is the company's CEO and chemist. The company is a family run business that includes Mr.Searles' wife Cyra Stockton Searles, his sister, Lois Searles and most recently his son John III.

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    Products &

    With Nearly 100 salon solutions in production at our Atlanta, GA facility, SILK2 has established a reputation for broad based and excellent formulas for salon and clients alike.
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    My Hair

    Consumers can go to their own section of the SILK2 site for consumer news, information and products. We're working to bring you information on salons, styling tips and more. Click HERE now to go to the SILK2 & U site.

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    Licensed Pros Only

    Licensed Professional hair stylists have a special place to go to learn, earn and explore more with SILK2. It's your own private portal where you can buy SILK2 professional products, watch videos and even manage your salon.
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    Our Scrap Book is where we document memories that will last forever. So, come on in and join the fun. The World Of SILK2 is full of wonderful people. Whether it's FaceBook, YouTube or some other place to play and grow, you'll enjoy getting to know us and our friends. Check out S2FlixBox below.

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    Hyper-Keratin Rocks!!

    HAIRGASM is the name given to the natural physical reaction of women who have just experienced their first Life Changing Hyper-Keratin treatment. Click here to see for yourself on the "HAIRGASMS" video.

    Or, if you just can't wait to find out more about Life Changing, click HERE to go directly to the Life Changing web site.